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Platform Overview

The Decisions Platform was built to provide meaningful configuration technologies enabling processes and rules within an application to be adjusted – without coding.  

The Decisions Platform contains the following pieces

The platform can be leveraged to extend an existing application, be used to provide the base of process automation within an organization or as the foundation of a commercial application.

The Decisions Automation Platform provides a complete set of tools for building software applications. Every element of the Platform is reusable, streamlining application development. The Platform includes a full featured graphical workflow designer and business rule engine for modeling and automating business process. An easy to use drag-and-drop forms designer allows for the collection of data from end users. All data that is collected through the process, end user interaction, and integrations with external data sources is leveraged by the Decisions Reporting and Dashboard Engine.

Decisions Business Designers

The heart of the decisions platform is a set of designers that allow business functionality to be configured – without coding, in a fully graphical environment – by business analysts.

The Designers are:

Each of the designers serves a different purpose, but they interact together to provide additional functionality.  For instance, the report engine can use the rule engine to provide logic around the meaning of data.  The flow engine can leverage the data extraction and computation capability of the reporting engine to fetch data from databases and other sources – and inversely, the flow engine can be used by the reporting engine to make the data in reports active and actionable.

Why Decisions?  Key Thoughts.

Why DecisionsThe Decisions Platform was to provide the base technology for a next generation set of applications – applications that could be configured by business people to provide greater business agility.  The tools, features and architecture of this platform was to enable complex functionality to be moved into the web browser and deployed either in the cloud or on premise. Read more

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Deploy Anywhere.

As software makes the transition from largely self hosted technology to primarily cloud (private or public) based technology and services, most organizations are living in a hybrid world where some solutions are in a (or many different) cloud(s) and others are within the firewall.  Solutions built on the Decisions platform can be deployed on premise, on Amazon EC2, on Microsoft Azure, most other data center provides OR can be purchased as a service.  

When deploying in the cloud (ours, yours or someone elses) our Cloud to Site Connector enables access to on site resources just like you were local.

Additional Features.


When systems talk to each other they can make beautiful music. The Decisions Integration engine provides connections to: any .NET API or datatype, any web or WCF service, HTTP, FTP, MYSQL, MSSQL and Oracle databases, custom .NET interfaces, IMAP, POP, SMTP.

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Decisions Platform was built to provide maximum throughput without compromising the uniquely visual design experience. Click here to view some performance test results for different platform elements.

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What is going on? Give the right data and functionality to the right person. Completely customizable portals provide secure role and scope based access to data and processes. All of the reports and dashboards in the portal are drill-down enabled. Our white-label approach allows you to match your overall look and feel as needed, while at the same time providing for optimized mobile and cross-browser access.

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We like to talk, and so do you. Decisions integrates telephony and text services easily with drag-and-drop components that are ready to be put inside your flows. You can process incoming calls, initiate voice conversations, and even automate SMS/Text Message conversations. All without writing any code.

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Multi-Tenant Platform

The decisions platform can be run in a secure/data segmented/apartment style application hosting environment. There are no limitations in the functionality available in this mode.

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High Availability/Clustering

The Decisions Platform can be configured to run in a cluster, providing high availability options.

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Built-in Applications.

Microsoft System CenterMicrosoft System Center

Enhance the capabilities of Orchestrator and Service Manager to include tools for people and processes. Decisions pushes beyond run book automation for role-based intelligence and automated processes surrounding the end user. We provide the building blocks so you can make System Center even better.

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Cloud DeploymentCloud Deployment

Cumulus, stratus, nimbus, cirrus… we like clouds, and with Decisions you can automate them. Create servers on demand and pay for them when you`re using them. Our workflow platform was designed to run in the cloud and manage the cloud at the same time, using processes like these: Server on Demand, Batch Processing, Image Management, Auditing, and more.

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Mother may I? Approvals. Intelligent. Auditable. The Decisions Automation Platform can provide auditable approval capabilities to your application. In conjunction with business rules, the approvals can be automatically routed, approved, denied, and queued. Decisions includes a rich library of ready to go approval processes such as new hire, vacation requests, expense approval and many more.

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