Microsoft System Center

Beyond Runbook Automation

Orchestrator and the Runbook Designer is great, and we think we can extend and enhance runbooks to make them even better. At Decisions we are working hard to help you avoid powershell when you need to, and leverage it when you want to. Trigger runbooks from Decisions, or trigger Decisions from runbooks and extend automation to the entire business process. 

Involve End Users

With our drag-and-drop interface you can easily define processes that automatically gather business requirements in the form of requests and approvals. Business user interaction can trigger events automatically. You don’t need to be stuck between the console and your inbox anymore. Let’s make agile self-service IT a reality. 

Escape the Console

With great power, comes great responsibility, or something like that. The System Center console can accomplish a lot, but you don’t want to live in it. You want to provide a secure way for others to initiate actions without interacting with the console. You want to separate responsibility based upon roles, and be able accomplish system center tasks without the system admin clicking around by himself for hours on end, where one click could cause a lot of problems.


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Microsoft System Center

Systems Management and Decisions by Dwain Kinghorn



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