Technical Documentation Lead

We are a fast-growing software development company who is looking for someone who can lead our documentation team. These documents are designed to be used by our customers to help them use our product and range from technical to how-to. Previous experience with developing and delivering an online documentation system is a must. We need expertise in how to write documents (best structure, type, etc), how to deliver documents and how to maintain documents that are written for a rapidly evolving product (keeping up with new versions while not orphaning old versions). We have a large amount of existing documentation that will need to be better organized and improved as well as new documents written to fill gaps we currently have and to explain new features as they are developed.

When you apply, please include a link to an online documentation implementation that is in your opinion exceptional and explains why.

Job Type: Full-time

Experience: Documentation: 2 years (Preferred)

Education: Bachelor’s (Preferred)

Location: Chesapeake VA (Preferred)


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