Beginner, SDK and System Administration – Remote Training

June 9th - 11th

Event Details

Location: Zoom Web Meeting

Dates: June 9th – 11th

Cost: Free

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Beginner Education Path:

For Decisions users that are new to the platform and have never built anything in the tool, this track will teach you and build within the 5 primary designers inside Decisions. Attendees of this course will learn and build a simple application as well as understand the primary functions of Decisions.
Beginner Education Agenda


SDK Training:

This course is geared towards .NET Developers. This is a 1-day course that will cover how to interact with Decisions SDK. It will include training in writing flow and rule steps, enhancing Decisions folders, leveraging our ORM, and more.
SDK Training Agenda


System Administration Education Path:

For Decisions users that will be responsible for maintaining and monitoring a Decisions install. This 2-day course will cover some advanced installation options, hardening recommendations, server types such as the repository and multi-tenancy, as well as how to use our built-in reporting and tracking tools.
System Administration Agenda