Over the years, higher education institutions have implemented IT solutions in an ad-hoc manner that aligns with the siloed departments that have implemented them. This has created incompatible systems with disparate databases and inefficient manual and paper-based processes. Decisions no-code rules engine and workflow solution for education helps institutions integrate systems and streamline processes.

Primary Benefits

  • Integrate and consolidate to reduce costs
  • Engage students digitally everywhere
  • Use rules to improve the quality of your institution

Who Uses Decisions

  • Higher education institutions
  • Education content providers

Integrate and Consolidate to Reduce Costs

Decisions can help solve problems with siloed systems through robust integration capabilities.

Leverage Decisions to share data and workflows across departments and systems using APIs and connectors.

Decisions can help reduce:

  • Time wasted in repetitive data entry
  • Data entry errors
  • Data storage costs

Implement Decisions to improve operations and data sharing among any operational silo including:

  • Facility maintenance
  • Business offices
  • Personnel
  • Housing
  • Scheduling
  • Information technology
  • Safety and security
  • Admissions
  • Financing

Engage Students Digitally - Everywhere

Students expect engaging with services to be digital and work efficiently. Decisions can help you automate all your processes, not just the simple ones.

Leverage Electronic Forms to Go Paperless: Don’t require students to provide the same information on multiple paper forms. Share data across departments and easily build web forms that can be pre-populated with existing data.

Student Account Management: Decisions is enabling complex dining plans and helping streamline housing changes.

Class and Activity Registration: Decisions is helping higher education institutions to manage class and activity registrations enabling class changes and automating administrative processes.

Facilities Management: Be more responsive to maintenance issues by automating requests for maintenance.


How to Use Scoring to Simplify Complex Business Rules in Process Automation


Use Rules to Improve the Quality of Your Institution

The Decisions rules engine can help faculty, staff, and students make better decisions to improve the overall quality of your institution.

Admit Better Students: Leverage scoring rules to improve admissions decisions by ranking admissions candidates. Admit the right student to create a more successful and happier student body, increasing retention.

Curriculum Management: Use rules to approve and manage curriculum and help students find the most appropriate classes.


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