Government / Education / Defense

Public sector institutions regularly deal with large user bases and complex rules and routings. The Decisions platform has helped government institutions manage processes like:

Case Management

Whether it’s requests for maintenance of government facilities or requests for visitor approvals, case management involves a sequence of task creation, routing, and approval. Decisions can manage these processes end to end.

Licensing Administration

Government licenses of many kinds involve certain requirements, documentation, and approvals. The Decisions rules and workflows engine help streamline licensing approval and maintenance.


Department of Transportation - License and Title Registration and Fee Management

The Decisions rules engine is helping States manage the calculation of registration and tax fees based on the age, make, and model of vehicle.

Enrollment/Sign Up

Government service sign-ups can run into hundreds of thousands and even millions of accounts. Decisions can scale, both on-premises and in the Cloud to manage extremely high transaction rates and data storage.


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