Supply Chain Management

To stay competitive in the market, you’ve become more customer-focused, which also means more exceptions to the ‘rules’. Customer intimacy means catering to specific customer supply chain requirements like special shipping labels, special transportation needs, and unique fulfilment schedules. Decisions can help your current ERP system become more flexible and responsive.

Forecasting, Planning & Ordering

Decisions' unique combination of workflow, business rules, integrations, and no-code configuration allow your analysts to cater to the unique needs of your customers even when it means connecting to their order fulfillment system.

Shipment Management

Use the Decisions rules engine to manage customer specific requirements like unique fulfillment schedules, labels, packaging, pallet configuration, stacking, or shipping documentation.


Transportation Billing

Having trouble matching transportation bills to your shipments? Is your current process capturing double payments, incorrect weights, wrong charge values for the destination? Decisions can help.

Customs Clearance

Expanding globally has opened new markets but also created new complexity. Decisions can help your team manage the specific workflow and documents, requirements (country of origin), and product coding (UPC, GPC, etc..) to help your shipments clear customs smoothly.


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