Graphical workflow designer, form designer, and dashboard technology and execution engine that allows business analysts to interact with and adjust business processes. comes with a user portal for task management and hosting of workflow applications. Complete with over 2,000 flow steps allowing you to do things like anything from assign a task, sending an email, make a webservice or database call
or …. (there are thousands of more steps)! is the business process elements of the Decisions platform.

High performance rule execution – with fully graphical rule editing experience. provides statement rules, truth tables, sequential rules, and rule sets – enabling business analyst to rapidly change or add new business rules. is the rule engine element of the Decisions platform.

Decisions is a complete business automation suite – combining business process automation ( and full rule automation ( as a full iBPMS (Intelligent Business Process Management) product. Decisions allows full automation of both human and system interactions in a single tool – with all elements able to be controlled and modified by non technical users.

Decisions Enterprise adds enterprise grade infrastructure like clustering, failover, work queues and advanced monitoring. This allows larger companies to leverage the advantages of Decisions for redundant and reliable ‘enterprise grade’ systems.

Decisions Foundation is the framework that all Decisions products are based on. It includes a number of elements that are critical to the type of automation that the products need like scheduling, data management, cross cut framework and much more. If interested in what the base technology is built, click learn more below – Technologists only! is an extension of the functionality of Decisions to allow full interaction and transformation of HL7 messages.

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