Approvals / Routing

Our most common application is handling complex routings and approvals. Every organization is slightly different and thus has different workflow requirements and routings. Decisions can give your organization the exact workflow you need and automate where needed to fully optimize your business processes.

Document Collaboration

Coordinating document work across multiple people and departments can be challenging. Our workflow engine with an integrated rules engine streamlines this process. Using our graphical no code designer tools, you can create custom workflows that assign tasks to users, tracks the status of those tasks, and set date reminders. Decisions built in form designer allows users to add content that can automatically populate and “build” Word and PDF documents.

Employee Onboarding & Request Handling

Decisions can be used to coordinate your employee onboarding and request processes. For example, you might have a form on your UI that the hiring manager completes. Once that form is saved, Decisions will kick of tasks to your IT department to have a computer setup, or to your HR department to have payroll setup. Additionally, you can use Decisions to systematize requests from your existing employees, such as paid time off requests or business travel requests.

Finance Approvals

Tracking approvals with email and spreadsheets can be cumbersome. Decisions helps you automate and track these processes complete with electronic signatures if you need them.