System Integration

Create an orchestration layer in your organization that allows information to travel seamlessly from system to system. The Decisions platform offers a number of native integrations and tools that are designed to keep your information moving and to allow people to get work done.

Enterprise Message Bus

Decisions can be used as an orchestration layer, stitching together disconnected systems in your organization. ESB & Message Bus integration allows data to flow between different applications in order to get work done.

Data Mapping

Easily connect data with our built-in data mapping tools. Our simple drag and drop tools allow you to quickly build apps and link data from any number of systems.


Spreadsheet to Database

Quickly systematize your spreadsheets. Our tools allow you to link data from multiple spreadsheets, automatically validate and filter data, and then store it in a database. The Decisions platform has native integration with most major database vendors.

Data Merging

Our tools can be used to set up an orchestration layer in your organization that brings disconnected systems together in order to accomplish tasks. As an orchestration layer, Decisions can facilitate data merging by validating data and transforming it on the fly.


Inbound Data Gateway

Ensuring that you receive clean inbound data is critical to most operations. The Decisions rules engine can be used to check inbound data from other systems and to transform that data if necessary to ensure data integrity. Our forms designer, with built-in rules engine integration, can validate data as it’s entered.

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