Workflow / Task Management

Seamlessly connect systems and people to get work done. The Decisions platform has the native integrations you need to set up an orchestration layer in your IT landscape. Organize workflows, set tasks, create intervention steps, and ensure process optimization across your organization.

Purchase Order Requests and Approvals

Keeping the right people in the loop and ensuring decisions are made in a timely manner can be a challenge with emails and spreadsheets. With the Decisions workflows, you can build processes that automatically route approvals and track them through to completion. Additionally, the built-in rule engine allows you to easily govern your custom business rules regarding approval limits, authorized approvers, and approval timing.

Double Blind Data Entry

Improve your data entry productivity by using Decisions as part of your double-blind data entry process. Having one person enter your data and another person check it, takes time. Use the Decisions rule engine to check the double-blind entry automatically and use our workflow designer to kick-start tasks only when inconsistencies are found.


Data/File Gathering

Gathering data and files for various projects and tasks is made easy with Decisions. Our workflow and forms are integrated with our rules engine, such that it’s easy to set up automated process flows that collect data and/or files from external databases, spreadsheets, and forms. This data can be automatically processed and transformed according to your custom rules to kick-start your workflow.

Customer On-boarding

Decisions can be used to completely automate and optimize your customer on-boarding process. Rather than track customers and projects manually, you can use Decisions to build sophisticated workflows that ensure all customers are monitored throughout your sales cycle and ensure that no task goes unattended with customizable automated alerts.


Call Center Automation

Decisions can help you automate your call center. Our tools can be used to integrate your phone system, to automatically route calls and to pull data on incoming calls.

Coordination of Front Office and Service People

Drive front office efficiency by automating common workflows. Decisions can be used to automate daily activities, to schedule routine services, and to systematize manual processes.


Inbound Lead Management (CRM)

Don’t leave the growth of your business to chance; automate your inbound leads process. With Decisions, you can capture customer data from forms and build rules and workflows around that data to ensure that customer leads are directed to the right people and products in your company to translate those leads into sales.

Application Processing

Reviewing and processing applications often require a lot of manual tracking and coordination among people. Our rule engine reduces the amount of review work, while automatically categorizing, ranking, or processing applications based on your company defined rules. With the built-in workflow engine, you can easily loop the appropriate people into the process to ensure applications are processed in a timely manner.


Inventory Management

It’s easy to optimize your inventory with a tailor-made application built on the Decisions platform. Our rules engine can be used to set min/max rules or to calculate safety stocks. Additionally, you can build custom workflows to notify your team of critical shortages or to loop managers in when approvals are needed.

Supplier Vendor Portal

Vendor coordination is a key component of supply chain optimization. Collect vendor information through forms, share forecast information, and coordinate new product launches with the Decisions built platforms. Build custom workflows that quickly share information throughout your entire supply chain when you’re hit with unexpected supply shortages or demand spikes.



Whether purchasing direct or indirect goods, Decisions can be used to streamline the process. Build custom procurement workflows that reduce the risk of costly entry errors and delays. Define rules that enforce company policies with regards to purchase limits and approvals.

Invoice Tracking and Approvals

Coordinate your entire invoice management process with our workflow and rules engines. Automatically validate your invoices against company policies or customer specific rules and build workflows that connect approvers to the process.


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