Decisions Developer

2/7 - 3/11, in Eastern Standard Time

Events Details

  • Location: Zoom or at Headquarters (Virginia Beach, VA)
  • Date: 12 PM, February 07th - 12 PM, March 11th
  • Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time
  • Cost: Free
  • Email any questions to
  • Prerequisites: Business Analyst Course

Decisions Certified Developer

This course is intended for future members of the Decisions Developer Community and builds upon the basic skills learned in the Decisions Business Analyst Course. This track provides increasingly deeper knowledge and practical experience with Decisions and Process Automation. Upon completion, attendees of this course will be a Novice Decisions Developer capable of meaningfully contributing to an automation project using Decisions. The course is organized with lectures to introduce new concepts and dedicated practical lab periods for the application of new learning. The majority of the course is dedicated to practical applications labs in which students will have time to build competency in the primary Decisions Designers under the guidance of a qualified Decisions Instructor. At the end of the course, students must have successfully built and demonstrated 5 application builds utilizing increasingly more complex Decisions Developer skills, as well as completed subsequent knowledge exams. This course is provided both on-site at our Virginia Beach, VA headquarters and remotely via Zoom.
Decisions Developer Syllabus

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