For Users

‘Decisions’ provides a number of out of the box options for users to interact with workflows and tasks and to have visibility into the operating process, as well as hosting apps. We believe that ideally, users can access functionality from anywhere - not just ‘our user portal’. Other options include telephony, speech recognition, email, and text (SMS), through other applications, etc.
This environment can sit naturally within your infrastructure under various sorts of a single sign-on you know. It is a pure HTML environment access you know via a browser and it can be set up to be accessed either inside or outside of your environment.
Our Portal … Or Yours

Our Portal … Or Yours

All configured user functionality can be embedded in other portals/intranets/web experiences. While we provide a pure HTML user portal for mobile, tablet, and desktop – we understand that users might already be working in a different application and want to start or work processes there. Task lists, forms, dashboards, and reports can all be hosted in external applications. In addition, all data can be accessed through either a REST or SOAP API call – allowing other web apps and native apps to access process functionality.

Highly Functional User Interfaces

Highly Functional User Interfaces

Yes, this is described in technical detail in the form builder section but what’s important is that the end result is forms that have the same functionality, immediate feedback, and responsive design as if they were coded by programmers.


Single Sign-On

Users can be automatically signed into ‘Decisions’ or access forms/task lists/dashboards outside of the Decisions Platform. SAML, OpenId, Okta, and Active Directory are all supported. Custom SSO integration is also possible using the Decisions SDK.

Shared Permissions

User rights (what they are allowed to see, what they are allowed to do) can be managed either by the Decisions Platform or can come from external user rights management systems like Active Directory or LDAP.

Business Services

A full set of prebuilt business services is included that enable common business functionality to be leveraged. They include:

  • Document Management
  • Contextual Security
  • Contextual Help
  • Classification/Tagging
  • Comments
  • Assignments/Tasks
  • Scheduling
  • … and over 50 more