Document Management

Documents and other user/workflow produced data can be stored by the Decisions Platform. ‘Decisions’ includes a straightforward document management system. Documents and other user data can be managed, searched, secured, and stored in the user portal. Documents and data are commonly created by, gathered in, or managed by workflows. This data can also be managed through direct user interactions.

Document Storage

Documents and other data can be stored in the ‘Decisions’ managed database, on a file system, or in other data management systems. Data can be stored in an encrypted format if required. If your organization already has a document management system, the Decisions Platform workflow can still use it for the storage and processing of documents.


Document Security

Documents and data managed within the Decisions Platform server respect contextual and functional security.


Document Searching

Documents can be indexed for a Full-Text search of contents.

OCR and QR/Barcodes

Full OCR, QR Code, and barcode reading are available as part of the ‘Decisions’ step library.


Changing Documents In Flows

‘Decisions’ includes a large set of flow steps that allow reading, changing, and outputting documents in many common formats including PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Images, (png, gif, tiff, etc.) and more.


Viewing and Editing Documents

‘Decisions’ also includes form controls that allow users to view and manipulate the documents in different formats.