Step Library

The key element in any workflow or BPM as technology is what can it do. And from a tool perspective, what that really means is what's in the toolbox. The Decisions Platform has a comprehensive set of steps that the business designer not only manipulates user experiences and communications but also interacts in a deep way with the data flow-through processes, with document content, and with external systems.

‘Decisions’ comprehensive step library has over 2,000 steps. Every step is meant to do one very specific job and it’s meant to be easy to understand and configure. Our steps can transform Word documents into PDFs, build PDFs, encrypt files, fetch files, talk to databases and web services, engage users, show them forms, enforce deadline SOAs (service-oriented architecture), and produce reports.

If a step is missing from the library, the ‘Decisions’ developer SDK is available for introducing new functionality. Business designers are NEVER presented with a step that asks them to write code, however. Code is for developers!


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