Professional Services

Professional service providers thrive by delivering tailor-made services while managing costs. The Decisions no-code rules engine is ideal for streamlining customized processes to scale services profitably. With Decisions, you can build any type of application or professional service process you need.

Primary Benefits

  • Launch new services
  • Improve financial performance
  • Automate customer service
  • Improve data sharing and communication
  • Streamline complex legal and tax services

Who Uses Decisions

  • IT and technology service providers
  • Business and tax consultants
  • Legal firms
  • Home service providers
  • Security, identity, and privacy services

Launch New Services

Use Decisions as a platform to build rules, workflows, and automations to package your organization’s expertise in scalable offerings. With no coding required, analysts and consultants can implement and adjust rules to fit requirements.

Professional services engagements can vary widely on duration and complexity. Leverage Decisions workflow and rules as a custom engagement platform to support each individual customer and project. Deliver your expertise embedded in customized applications or Business Process as a service.

Decisions supports several service platforms including:

  • Brokerages connecting buyers and sellers
  • Security, privacy, and identity service providers
  • Human Capital Management Services

Automate Customer Service

Manage the balance between automation and human engagement with dynamic questionnaires, scripts and wizards.

  • Dynamic questionnaires for self-service applications for routine processes.
  • Use rules-based applications like configuration wizards to support self-service of software install and configuration.
  • Create dynamic call center scripts to help CSRs easily handle complex issues.

Improve Financial Performance

In professional services, each project is often built to a single client’s specific specs making it hard to ensure you are compensated for the value-added. Use rules to ensure your organization is compensated appropriately.

Use Based Billing – Support custom business models by tracking service usage and automate custom billing to each client.

Contract Lifecycle Management – Ensure services are delivered within spec and payment is received within terms.


Professional Services Datasheet

Exceeding customer expectations using no-code workflows and business rules


Improve Communications and Data Sharing

Knowledge workers providing professional services have to communicate effectively across the organization. They also need access to applications and data. Decisions can act as an orchestration layer on top of applications to:

Orchestrate messaging – Enable messaging across applications so workers can communicate from their application or environment of their choice.

Manage permissions – Simplify permissions so knowledge workers have access to the data and applications they need


Streamline Complex Legal and Tax Services

Tax filings – Use case management to track complex tax filings for multinational entities.

Legal procedures – Use workflows to streamline complex legal procedures such as patent proposals. Manage filings and track progress.


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