The Decisions platform helps mortgage professionals manage the myriad rules and workflows throughout the mortgage process, from application and approval to onboarding and escrow administration to collections and default/loss mitigation.

Escrow Administration

Local property tax changes and insurance adjustments can make managing escrow accounts complex. Decisions graphical rules engine allows analysts to update and modify the rules as they change.


Collections professionals use Decisions to help manage collection campaigns and the scheduling and frequency of follow-up.


Loss Mitigation & Default

Workout package creation and tracking are all capabilities within the Decisions rules and workflows engines. Rules governing specific cases can be created and tracked.

Investor Account and Cash Management

On the investor side of the ledger, Decisions assists in tracking account management and cash flow rules/notifications.



Multi-channel onboarding is a necessity in today’s competitive mortgage market and Decisions helps to integrate and manage some or all of these channels. Decisions can quickly add a web or tablet interface with all the rules in your legacy system.

Integration Options for Major Mortgage Software Vendors

No one system can manage the entire mortgage process end-to-end. Decisions integration capabilities regularly connect and extend existing systems to better manage rules, notifications, and task assignments.


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