For OEM/Software Providers and Resellers

Decisions offers a number of options to distribute, resell or embed the Decisions Platform.

‘Decisions’ initial mission was to be an embedded rule and workflow platform. Software companies (OEM/SAAS) that required the customization and integration capabilities would be provided licensing/commercial arrangements that matched how the product would be brought to market.

THIS HAS NOT CHANGED! Our software partners are still central – even though we sell directly to customers. Our customers benefit from the flexibility of the thinking required to support partners.

Yes, we now sell directly to customers but in many cases, customers who come to us are doing so only after failing to find a case-specific solution that met their needs.

Every aspect of ‘Decisions’ supports deep linking, rebranding, styling, and content distribution. The needs of software company partners have always been central in all architecture and feature decisions.

This may take different forms with different partners:

  • Leverage services
  • Distribute created workflows/rules – upsell designers
  • Build product on top of the Decisions Platform
  • Offer as companion product
  • Resell ‘Decisions’
  • Refer Customers to ‘Decisions’ Sales

Every partner is a bit different. We would love to have a conversation with you both about the application patterns you need to support and how you will bring your application to market.

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Australian-based partner, Digital Experience Labs is helping insurers throughout ANZ leverage the transformational power of Decisions

US-based partner, Configurable Management is helping SAP clients manage their master data and automate/optimize critical business processes.

Configero is a leading implementation specialist for Salesforce and has delivered hundreds of successful deployments across industries.

Brandon Systems provides enterprise consulting, technology solutions, and IT services that optimize business management and operations.

Solex is a Cayman Islands based consultancy and technology services company delivering solutions across a number of verticals.

Availsys is a leading Nigeria-based systems integration firm committed to helping companies achieve optimum performance by enhancing their systems and human-centric processes.

Focused-ec specializes in EDI services, ERP implementations, Integrations and EDI for healthcare.

CGI is one of the world’s largest IT and business consulting services firms, helping clients achieve their goals, including becoming customer-centric digital organizations.