Intelligent Process Automation

Automate anything with rules-driven software.

Build software for any process and solve your toughest problems across the enterprise.

One platform for any process.

Decisions is a no-code Intelligent Process Automation platform powered by a world-class rules engine.

Turn siloed decisions into centralized rules.

Rules form the foundation of our strategy because they’re the way you run your business. Too many teams save important procedures in a haphazard combination of software, sticky notes, and spreadsheets. Decisions consolidates and codifies all that logic to power your automation.

  • Fact number one

    Create If/Else logic with ease using visual designers

  • Fact number two

    Choose from over 7,000 unique workflow steps and create unlimited rules

  • Fact number three

    Audit and store requests and response data for review and on-going optimization

A digital solution to human problems.

You know what your business needs to thrive. We provide the tools to make it a reality. Decisions empowers your team to fix customer experiences, modernize legacy systems, ensure regulatory compliance, and automate anything.

No code. No limits.

Our customers build software 3x faster than they used to. Use Decisions’ visual interface to design, optimize, and launch complex processes without writing a single line of code.

A digital solution to human problems.

Decisions V.8

We’re always adding new functions and features to help our customers solve problems. Learn more about the latest additions, including simple forms and a global debugger.

Decisions V.8

Transform your business with automation.

Decisions is the quickest way to build software and solve your most difficult problems. Book a demo to learn how we can simplify and standardize your business operations.