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Decisions is licensed by the server. That means no user, designer user, or transaction based fees. Get a quote validated with our licensing team by completing the fields and downloading a pre-quote. Please contact us if there are some special license considerations that you would like to discuss.

If you have any questions, call us at 1-855-223-7997.

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If you have any questions, call us at 1-855-223-7997
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Complete the Functional Assessment in order to provide details to our pricing team to get you an exact quote. On finishing functional assessment, click assessment complete to see perpetual price. The details in the functional assessment are only used to validate the number of servers that are needed.
Complete the Functional Assessment in order to provide details to our pricing team to get you an exact quote. After it is complete, click Request Detailed Quote.
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Other License Models

The above license calculator provides pricing estimates for ‘direct customers’. Direct customers include companies or organizations using Decisions for internal use, which may include managing automated processes that interact with customers, partners, or affiliates. In general these licenses limit use of the designers to the customer’s organization (including contractors).

We do have other pricing models for software companies (both traditional and SaaS) who would like our technology to be resold, relicensed or otherwise distributed with their products. We are really excited about the partners that have embedded, white labeled, and redistributed our technology. We offer flexible and creative license arrangements to enable these types of partnerships. Given the nature of these relationships, we’d like to have a conversation about your application and business model.

Startup Technology Companies

Many of the technologies that we all love started in a spare bedroom with hours going by, letting the Venti Latte go cold as code is frantically typed into a laptop with a low battery warning. We were once a startup and appreciate the understanding that we received from companies further along in the process. If you have an idea or are starting to build an application, we would love to not only extend some free technology during your early stages but also offer any insight we can around your idea and plans for taking it to market.

Personal Use

Any company with a valid Decisions license also has unlimited personal development server licenses to explore our technology or to use on personal development machines or laptops. These licenses restrict your ability to initiate any Decisions activity from anything outside of your local machine.


We are happy to work with resellers and integration partners. Please contact us for details on establishing a reseller relationship with Decisions.