Rules Engine

Turn every decision into a rule.

The Decisions Rules Engine can process billions of rules every hour. Manage them all with a single, visual interface.

Rules that scale with you.

The Decisions Rules Engine is designed for complex, enterprise-scale logic. It processes billions of rules every hour, enables batched edits, and works in high-availability, clustered vertical, and horizontally scaled environments. In other words: you can’t outgrow this platform.

Codify your business logic.

Don’t let critical policies and data stay siloed in spreadsheets, employees’ heads, stored procedures, or custom code. The Decisions Rules Engine pulls all of that information into a single location for easier understanding, maintenance, and management.

Validate your data.

QA comes standard. Easily audit your business rules to find and fix bugs, identify performance gaps, and increase your confidence.

Automate your most important decisions.

Your team should be focused on creative work, not managing manual tasks. The Decisions Rules Engine takes that responsibility off their shoulders and executes complex rule sets with complete precision.

Choose from thousands of rule styles and types.

Use our comprehensive editor to create custom rules, modify pre-built rule styles, and even design complex nested rule sets.

  • Statement Rules
  • Truth Tables
  • Matrix Rules
  • DMN Rule Chains
  • Rule Sets
  • Expression Rules
  • Sequential Rules
  • Rule Extensions
Connect every system.

Transform your business with automation.

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