We love workflow and rules. In the morning you might work with a hospital and in the afternoon you might work with a bank, or maybe another software company! If you like variety and fast moving technology-driven environment then we’d love to meet you.

Director of Sales

Full Time Chesapeake, VA Sales

We are looking for a high-performing Director of Sales. The successful candidate will meet our customer acquisition and revenue growth objectives.
We believe that a successful sales team makes connections with its customers and creates long-lasting relationships. As the Director of Sales for Decisions, you will be responsible for making sure the entire team falls in line with that goal. You’ll be managing a team of 15-20 Sales Associates in a thriving B2B marketplace. We’re looking for a self-starting professional with managerial experience and a proven track record in sales. The ideal candidate will look forward to coming to work each day and helping our clients find the best software programs that work best for them.


Business Analyst / Jr Developer

Full Time Chesapeake, VA Professional Services And Support

This role is mainly focused on building new implementations for our customers using our graphical programming language. Experience with software development is a plus.


Technical Document Writer

We are looking for someone who can join our documentation team. These documents are designed to be used by our customers to help them use our product and range from technical to how-to. Previous experience with developing and delivering an online documentation system is a must. We need expertise in how to write documents (best structure, type, etc), how to deliver documents, and how to maintain documents that are written for a rapidly evolving product (keeping up with new versions while not orphaning old versions), along with keen technology abilities. We have a large amount of existing documentation that will need to be better organized and improved as well as new documents written to fill gaps we currently have and to explain new features as they are developed.



We offer industry and regionally competitive compensation and benefits packages. Our employees also enjoy frequently catered meals, occasional deep sea fishing, and frequent dog visits in the office!