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Power your growth with automated rules.

Stop wasting time on manual processes. Start building powerful rules to run your business with confidence.
Canadian Benefit Providers
Columbia Mutual Insurance Group
FIdelity Life Insurance

Automate, track and easily edit insurance rules.

Decisions packs comprehensive Intelligent Process Automation (IPA), including a powerful no-code rules engine, into one interface. Whether you’re managing claims or preparing a financial report, we’ll help you do it faster and more effectively.

  • Close more deals:

    Close more deals: Automate pricing and accelerate policy writing

  • Settle claims faster

    Settle claims faster: Validate coverage and simplify the most complex claims

  • Become more agile

    Become more agile: Easily manage thousands of rules

Decisions presents an ideal solution to address issues throughout the industry and across the value chain. This rules-based business process automation platform enables dynamic rules to drive workflows and support business logic and the processes that drive automations. 

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Explore the industry categories below to see how companies like yours are taking advantage of no-code automation to drive efficiency. Then schedule a customized product demonstration to learn for yourself!

Put your back office on autopilot.

Decisions isn’t just a single tool – we give you the whole toolbox. Use APIs and connectors to augment your current systems and improve performance, or leverage the full strength of the platform to automate both back office and high-volume claims processing. 

Policy Admin Systems
CRM Systems
Put your back office on autopilot.

Transform your business with automation.

Decisions is the quickest way to build software and solve your most difficult problems. Book a demo to learn how we can simplify and standardize your business operations.

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