Financial Services

Delight your customers while reducing risk.

Quickly automate processes and design workflows to elevate the customer experience.
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Automation is critical. But it won’t happen on its own.

Your customers expect faster, more streamlined experiences than ever before. But financial processes like lending, compliance, and customer lifecycle management involve complex systems and workflows that make it tough to integrate automation.

Complexity, meet simplicity.

Decisions packs comprehensive Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) into one powerful interface. Whether you’re originating loans or onboarding new clients, we’ll help you do it faster and more effectively.

  • Reduce risk

    Reduce risk: Eliminate human error from your most critical workflows

  • Move fast

    Move fast: Launch new services 3x quicker than using custom code

  • Improve efficiency

    Improve efficiency: Streamline back-office functions and client onboarding

Billion Dollar Philanthropic Trust

99%Decrease in account reconciliation time
25%Savings in daily transaction processing
10-15%Reduction in monthly administration tasks

“By orchestrating processes more effectively, we have released the cognitive effort of our investment management team for more productive uses that are more valuable, and more fun for them. Now they are more focused on investment strategy and research and less on transactional processing, which has improved the robustness of our institutional processes and decision-making.”

Chief Investment Officer

Dependable solutions for evolving markets.

Our financial services customers use Decisions to build world-class workflows, tools, and calculators that scale with their business needs. If it involves a decision, we can automate it.

  • Banking
  • Specialty Lending
  • Investment & Asset Management
  • Mortgage
  • Audit & Tax
  • Credit Card & Transaction Processing
  • Brokerage & Trading

Augment, integrate, or replace.

Whatever the state of your legacy technology system, Decisions can improve it or replace it all together. Our system is designed to connect with all the major applications and databases used by financial institutions.

LOS & LMS software
Mortgage software
CRM software
Augment, integrate, or replace.

Transform your business with automation.

Decisions is the quickest way to build software and solve your most difficult problems. Book a demo to learn how we can simplify and standardize your business operations.