Workflow Manager

Visualize and optimize your business processes.

Build software that fits your business. From simple approvals to complex data manipulation, the Decisions Workflow Manager can make any task faster and more effective.

Anyone can build a workflow.

The Decisions Workflow Manager includes a graphical, no-code interface that makes workflow design feel like a whiteboard session. For the first time, invite your business leaders to collaborate with developers on high-value processes.

Create any workflow.

Stop relying on spreadsheets to manage your most important processes. The Decisions Workflow Manager digitizes every step and action to help you automate your business without custom code.

Refine any workflow.

Test and improve as you go. The Workflow Manager provides real-time error notifications and robust debugging tools to improve efficiency and eliminate costly mistakes. Track key metrics to see the business impact of every workflow.

Sequence any action.

Most modern workflows include tasks for people and computer systems. Use the Decisions Workflow Manager to trigger both digital and manual actions and use your resources more wisely.

Choose from pre-built or custom steps.

Need to convert Word documents into PDFs? Want to generate automated reports? Our workflow library includes 3,000+ specialized actions and interactions to choose from. If something is missing, use our developer SDK to build your own.

  • Task Lists
  • Internal and External Communications
  • User Interactions
  • Process Automation
  • Approvals and Requests
  • Data Management
Connect every system.

Transform your business with automation.

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