Decisions Training

Decisions Training


SUBMERSE: Immerse yourself in our 3-day deep-dive customer training course. Get ready to confidently navigate the Decisions no-code automation platform!


Discover the flexibility of Decisions! Explore asynchronous courses for product training and Decisions Developer curriculum. Join us for personalized learning!


Have questions about the Decisions platform? Our Decisions team hosts live Lunch & Learn sessions every Monday through Thursday from 12-1 p.m. ET.


Training Courses

Decisions offers three self-paced courses to prepare you for automation success.
Earn a certificate of completion for each course you finish.

Product Training

Get ready to learn essential foundational principles, including Mapping, Flows, Rules, Data Management, Reports, and Project Build. This in-depth course opens doors to two developer pathways: Decisions UI Application and Decisions Rule Engine. By completing this training, you’ll acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in both tracks and leverage the full potential of Decisions.

Decisions UI Application

Learn to craft End-to-End applications through four engaging projects: Decisions Forms, Assignments to Users, User Reporting and Dashboards, and Landing Pages. With expert guidance, you’ll master the art of creating intuitive interfaces and optimizing user experiences. Upon successful completion, you’ll receive a certification recognizing your proficiency in building robust, user-friendly applications.

Decisions Rule Engine

Explore the intricate world of rule sets as you take on three exciting projects: Integration Creation for Decisions Rules and Flows, Rule Set Design, and Rule Audit Dashboard Creation. With expert guidance, you’ll gain the skills to build and execute comprehensive flows. Upon successful completion, you’ll receive a certificate, recognizing your proficiency in leveraging the full capabilities of Decisions’ Rule Engine.

Upcoming Submerse Training Events

10 - 12

SUBMERSE Deep-Dive Training Virginia Beach, VA

9/10-9/12 SUBMERSE Deep-Dive Training in Virginia Beach, VA! Our 3-day bootcamp is an opportunity to receive hands-on training in the Decisions no-code automation platform with Decisions architects and product experts, as well as hear how our customers and partners are using the platform to transform their businesses. Register

Decisions Lunch & Learn Webinar

Ask the Experts LIVE – Get your questions answered about the Decisions platform.
This informal lunch & learn Q&A session will be held Monday – Thursday each week from 12 – 1 PM Eastern Time.


Training FAQ

Can I complete my selected course asynchronously (self-paced)?

Decisions now offers asynchronous and self-paced courses for both product training and Decisions Developer curriculum. All learning elements can be found in the LMS.

Must I complete the Developer Course Sprints all at once?

No. Each Sprint is a complete project and can be completed at the pace of the student. Developer Sprints are completed linearly, so students must successfully complete the preceding Sprint before attending future Sprints.

Can I audit/sit-in on the Decisions Developer Course without meeting the prerequisites?

To maintain the academic integrity of our certification program we do not allow individuals to just sit-in on certification events. All of the lectures and instructor-led events are recorded and provided to anyone that wants access to this information via YouTube.

How do I access assistance from Decisions trainers while going through the self-paced content?

There are two ways to engage training support

1. Submit a training ticket from the learning portal in

2. Specific questions can be submitted via email to

May I use my organization’s Decisions environment for training?

No. All Decisions training is delivered in our latest release, with a curriculum designed for the Training environments provided to all registered participants.

Is the Decisions Developer course graded?

Yes. Successful course completion is based on two parts:

1. Project presented and submitted to a Decisions Trainer, after submission of a training ticket or email to

2. Multiple choice, open book exam completed with a score of 70 or higher.

Free Online Learning Resources

Learn the Decisions platform using these publicly available knowledge sharing sites:

Transform your business with automation.

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