Steps Library

Take advantage of 2000 built-in steps to not only manipulate user experiences and communications, but also interact with data flow-through processes, document content and even external systems.

We Created 2000 Steps So You Don't Have to - But You Still Can

  • Every step is meant to make it easy-to-understand and configure one very specific job
  • For example, our steps can be used to transform MicroSoft Word documents into PDFs, build PDFs, encrypt files, fetch files, talk to databases and web services, engage users, show them forms, enforce deadline SOAs (service-oriented architecture), and produce reports
  • If a step you need is missing from the library, the Decisions developer SDK can be used to introduce new step functionality. However, business designers are NEVER presented with a step that asks them to write code
  • Categories of steps include things like integration, email, FTP, date handling, text handling, numbers/match/calculations, alerting, rules, data caching, list management, distance calculation and many more

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