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We have a professional service organization with a broad range of services and a commitment to customer success. It would be our privilege to help you identify the right way to engage us in your Decisions projects. We invite you to contact us if you have questions about these offerings.
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A dedicated coach will be available to advise on the project you are building. This program is designed for customers who are doing most of the building themselves, but who also want a Decisions expert to look over their shoulder and to help advise on best practices.

Team Augmentation

In this type of engagement, your team is building alongside us. You may need extra capacity or want a Decisions expert on your team temporarily as your team increases their Decisions development proficiency.

Project Delivery

If you’d like to hand us a set of requirements for our team to build out entirely for you, we can do that too. In this engagement type, we take a project from concept to production.

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