Improve your customer encountering processes using the Decisions telephony integrations. We offer solutions for automating common call center operations, so your team can see the information that is most relevant for a given call and can focus on the customer.

Call Center Scripting

Optimize your call center by using Decisions to build a custom call center scripting application for your organization. Our easy to use no-code form builder with an integrated rules engine allows your call center managers to easily build and update call scripts that evolve with your business.

Virtual Agent

Handle routine customer inquiries with a virtual agent powered by Decisions. Our no-code rules engine makes it easy for your analyst to automate routine customer interactions, which frees up your customer service team to tackle more important tasks. Staying informed with changing business requirements is made easy with our graphic designers intended for use by non-technical people.


Outbound Call Management

Boost your outbound calls effectiveness with Decisions. Automate your campaign by creating rules that determine how and when customers are engaged. Empower your agents with real-time customer data and track their success with customized data integrations and dashboards.

SMS Automation

Approvals and workflow tasks can easily be accomplished via SMS. By indicating the proper response to an SMS you can automatically keep the workflow moving, even while you are on the move.


Smart Chat

Automate your customer service by creating chatbots with Decisions. Our no-code designers can be used to develop intelligent chat solutions that handle routine FAQs and free your service team to handle the exceptions. Decisions workflow can be used to involve your service team, only when your pre-defined rules determine a need.

Inbound Call Handling/Routing

Don’t just answer your phone calls, optimize them. Build automated processes that route calls within your organization based on your internal rules. Ensure your agents are prepared for inbound calls by arming them with customer specific data that is linked to the inbound calling number.


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