Webinar – Leveraging Intelligent Automation Synergies for Insurers6/201 PM ET

Leveraging Intelligent Automation Synergies for Insurers

Thursday, June 20, 1:00 - 1:45 PM ET
Discover the unparalleled power of combining RPA and a rules engine to streamline insurance operations, reduce risks, and improve the customer journey.

Learn about the powerful synergy between robotic process automation (RPA) and a business rules engine (BRE) to reduce manual processes, resources, and risks for insurers. Together, these technologies pave the way to streamline operations for applications, eligibility determinations, claim processing, and so much more.

Hosted by business automation partners Datamatics and Decisions, this live broadcast will demonstrate:

  • Advantages of pairing RPA and a rules engine for intelligent automation
  • Why these two automation platforms complement one another
  • Strategies to automate and optimize both simple tasks and complex cases
  • A centralized, agile approach to change complex rules across multiple processes

Discover how to accomplish more comprehensive automation by combining these two dynamic technologies.

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Marla Latvatalo

Director, Intelligent Automation, Datamatics

Danny Torbett
Danny Torbett

Analyst Relations Manager, Decisions

Erik Medrano

Channel Sales Manager, Decisions

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