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Welcome to V.9

Centralized project view, new performance dashboards, AI capabilities, and enhanced designer experience.

What’s New in Decisions V.9?

Decisions focuses on simplifying and enhancing project management and design experience in V.9. As a response to user feedback, we introduce ProjectHub—a decisive step toward design excellence. Streamlined project creation, collaboration, communication, deployment, and management are just a few of ProjectHub’s benefits that will deliver rapid value to our community of users.

Read more about ProjectHub and the new dashboards, improved performance, and process mining automated insights that also join the list of product upgrades in V.9.

Introducing ProjectHub

Centralized Collaboration: Establish a dedicated workspace for collaborative efforts and like-minded work, promoting information sharing among team members.

Faster Deployment: Simplify project deployment and monitoring through a top-level organizational scheme that organizes work around collaborative development.

Reduced Dependencies: Improve workflow efficiency by organizing designer elements into automated folders and implementing a scoped structure for easier tracking and maintenance within Decisions.

Process Hub Dashboard

New Views for Every Project

Health Dashboard: Maintain project health by identifying issues with overall project condition displays and individual health scores of elements, empowering designers to address concerns for improved outcomes.

Integrations Dashboard: Facilitate API testing and data management, allowing designers to download projects, request data in various formats, and seamlessly import them into Postman, Swagger, or JMeter.

Project Settings: Manage project-wide settings and essential configuration within a single location, including the ability to edit a project’s name and description, view code compilation information, and more.

Project Health

Updated Designer Experience

Designer Updates: Enhance your navigation experience with updated product headers, page backgrounds, dialogs, and default case dashboards.

Rule Set Management Redesign: Efficiently create, manage, test, and deploy rule sets with detailed list displays for quick rule management, improved input creation and testing, and enhanced visualization of conditional rule sets and templates.

Rule Set Manager

Improve Performance by 15-20%

Run Flow For List Across Cluster: Designed to split a project’s workflow across clusters, this new step enhances performance by up to 20% by dispersing work across all nodes and simplifying distribution for large batch processes.

Case Creation Time: Speed up case creation time by 50% with improvements to the process.

Run Flow In Cluster

Process Mining

New Automated Insights: Receive automated insights into your processes, including duration, length, variant, attribute frequency, and attribute value, delivered directly to your inbox on a predefined schedule.

PM Process: Utilize a process mining system/map to swiftly generate Decisions cases.

Export Process Map To Text: Document processes or share with teams for inspection by exporting the process map to text format.

Process Mining Flow

Transform your business with automation.

With real-time insights into your processes, you can identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies, and make data-driven decisions to improve your operations. Decisions is the quickest way to build software and solve your most difficult problems. Book a demo to learn how we can quickly deliver software to simplify and standardize your business operations.

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