You’ve made the investment in best of class ERP systems, so why are your people still working in spreadsheets?
The Decisions platform is helping manufacturers streamline and automate processes by managing the complex activities that make your company different and that the ERP system wasn’t designed to handle. Decisions connects your current systems and gives your staff the tools and visibility to solve problems such as those listed below.
Manufacturing companies need decisioning software that can integrate with an enterprise resource planning system, as well as other business technologies, and implement business rules to raise the ceiling for production volume and product integrity.

Forecasting, Planning & Scheduling

Are the exceptions to your scheduling process giving you headaches? Use the Decisions rules engine to prioritize customers, modify automated BOM blow-outs, and customize forecasting algorithms by-products.

KPI Tracking & Issue Resolution

Connect your KPI’s with rules and notifications to initiate and track actions when they happen. Don’t wait for the next production meeting to discuss follow-up activities.


Maintenance Management

That old maintenance system too much trouble to upgrade? Give it a facelift, add notifications, and assignment tracking with Decisions.

Electronic Logging

Create plant floor logs, escalations, notifications, and dashboards using the Decisions browser and mobile-based interface.


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