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Customer Lifecycle

Join the Decisions team as we guide you through the intricacies of the customer lifecycle and showcase how AI Orchestration can automate each and every stage. We seamlessly integrate AI into the processes that shape a customer's journey, leveraging Decisions to orchestrate the entire experience!
Customer Journey

Customer Lifecycle Webinars

Explore our upcoming and on-demand webinars in the series below. Register to join us live or revisit the sessions at your convenience. Tailor your learning experience by selecting the webinars most relevant to your needs.


Martech Automation with ChatGPT


Accelerate your sales team’s ability to engage prospects with Decisions as the master orchestrator. Integrate with various sales enablement and CRM systems such as Salesforce, and Gong to summarize meetings and . Transform your approach and empower your team with insights that redefine success in opportunity scoring. Don’t miss out on this chance to enhance your workflow efficiency. Secure your spot now and position yourself as a frontrunner in the next generation of automation.


Meeting Transcripts Meet ChatGPT, 10 Insights


Transcripts from recorded calls and meetings are goldmines of untapped information. Learn how Decisions integrates with ChatGPT to analyze your transcripts to extract impactful insights helping your sales team keep track of vital details, maintain accurate records and define actionable steps for business growth.


Orchestrate AI for Smart Scrum Meetings


Discover how to leverage ChatGPT to summarize scrum meeting recordings, establish comprehensive audit trails, and foster team-wide collaboration and communication. By the end of the session, you’ll have the tools to enhance your Scrum process and drive greater productivity.

Automate Customer Onboarding with ChatGPT


Efficient onboarding is crucial for customer satisfaction and retention. By the end of this webinar, you’ll gain practical insights into leveraging ChatGPT for automating various aspects of customer onboarding, allowing your team to focus on delivering exceptional service and building lasting client relationships.

Requirements Discovery with ChatGPT


Simplify project management with ChatGPT in the Decisions platform. From guiding transcript analysis to streamlining project requirements and automating documentation for your team, Decisions orchestrates the entire process to ensure precision, reduce rework, and enhance project outcomes.

Requirements Gathering Made Easy with ChatGPT


Looking for the most efficient way to gather project requirements? Decisions can accelerate your requirement-gathering process with AI Orchestration. Through integration with ChatGPT, easily document conversations, prioritize tasks, and streamline your requirements for increased team efficiency.


Automate Invoice Processing with ChatGPT


Learn how Decisions automates ChatGPT to accurately extract crucial data from invoices, saving time, reducing manual intervention, and minimizing errors in your vendor management and validation processes.

Automate ChatGPT for Internal Team Hand-Offs


Navigating the transition from Implementation Services to Customer Support can be challenging. Discover how Decisions orchestrates this process, streamlining communication between teams, simplifying architecture summaries, and enhancing documentation for implementation builds, ensuring a seamless and efficient hand-off process.


Risk Scoring Your Customers with ChatGPT


Discover how Decisions streamlines the tracking of customer health status, churn prediction, and server log analysis using ChatGPT. Elevate your team’s capabilities for strategic risk management and superior customer retention.

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