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Decisions Days Recap: Inspiring Connections, Collaborative Efforts, and Creative Outcomes

May 31, 2023

Decisions Days 2023 has come and gone, and it was an absolute blast! From May 22nd to 24th, Virginia Beach played host to an incredible gathering of 250 Decisions customers, partners, and developers, all sharing one thing in common: a passion for all things related to business process automation.

The excitement started thanks to our very own COO, Gordon Jones. In his engaging keynote address, Gordon, our resident data enthusiast, delved into the current automation trends sweeping the tech industry. He shared some mind-blowing statistics regarding the proliferation of data being collected globally compared to previous years. He even pulled out his phone and shared the applications that collect the most data from him – Fitbit, Oura, and his trusty Regal Cinema app. It was a powerful reminder that data is the lifeblood of technology, and understanding the data we collect – its origins and its applications – is crucial for driving success. 

Despite the economic challenges that loom, Decisions continues to soar to new heights. Decisions Days served as the ideal setting to showcase the immense value we place on connection, collaboration, and creation, and how these themes help us continue to grow and thrive. Let’s take a closer look and see just how they played a pivotal role at Decisions Days.



Decisions firmly believes that technology should enhance human lives and foster meaningful connections. And no connection is more meaningful than our relationship with all of you—our amazing customers, partners, and supporters. 

That’s why nurturing a vibrant community of open communication and shared knowledge is at the heart of everything we do. We’re not another run-of-the-mill platform – we’re an ecosystem where ideas flow freely, innovation takes center stage, and growth becomes the norm. 

We believe in nurturing a community where open communication and shared knowledge thrive. Because guess what? When we empower individuals and teams to connect and learn from one another, incredible things happen.

Decisions Days offered sessions and workshops dedicated to bringing together our customers, partners, and developers. From educational industry panels on Healthcare and Financial Services, to empowering Channel Partner Enablement and daily networking sessions, we aimed to forge connections and dismantle the boundaries that limit creative minds. 



At our core, Decisions values people. We believe in the power of teamwork and the notion that the best results are achieved when brilliant minds come together. We know that collaboration is the secret sauce that transforms ordinary into extraordinary, and our platform is specifically designed with seamless collaboration in mind—making it a breeze for users to share their work, collaborate with industry experts, and apply valuable feedback. It’s the ultimate recipe for success! 

And during Decisions Days, the collaboration index was simply off the charts. We dove into discussions on replacing legacy systems, engineering frameworks for achieving citizen development, and deploying automation strike teams in organizations. These sessions emphasized the importance of not only teamwork, but the strategies required to cultivate successful teams that amplify individual strengths to create the best results for both business growth and company culture.



Decisions thrives on the spirit of innovation. Our powerful no-code automation platform empowers individuals of all skill levels to embrace creativity and transform wildest dreams into reality. By streamlining the software development process, we make it possible for anyone to create powerful applications and tools that can change the world, shaping the future of technology itself. 

Throughout Decisions Days, attendees explored advanced techniques in rule design, harnessed the potential of pre-built applications to accelerate projects, and unraveled the intricacies of end-to-end project architecture.

And let’s not forget the introduction of the “Creator’s Cup.” This inaugural competition gave attendees the chance to take part in a live build challenge with our beta ChatGPT module, vying for the one-of-a-kind Creator’s Cup trophy, and a $2,500 cash prize to sweeten the deal. 

In addition to the Creator’s Cup, we also introduced the Decisions Customer Awards – a special recognition of the outstanding accomplishments of four remarkable customers and one exceptional partner. These awards celebrated the dedication, ingenuity, and remarkable results achieved through collaboration with Decisions. It was an inspiring moment that highlighted the power of our platform and the transformative impact it can have on organizations.


We can’t believe Decisions Days 2023 is over, but are excited for what lies ahead. Keep your eyes on our events page for updates because you won’t want to miss what’s in store for our next Decisions Days. Until then, let’s continue to connect, collaborate, and create a better future—one decision at a time.

Cecelia Troyan
Cecelia Troyan is a content strategist at Decisions. She shares the Decisions vision through the development and delivery of compelling and accessible content.

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