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Decisions in a Global World

July 7, 2020

! مرحبا!, ¡Hola!, Salut !

If you’re an employee of one of our many multinational customers, you likely interact with coworkers in offices around the world that operate in another language and with different workweek schedules, holiday calendars, and currency. Business processes may even span cultural boundaries domestically, such our Belgian clients who must make forms available in Flemish, French, and German for their diverse national populations.

Most OOTB/COTS Solutions Can’t Handle this Complexity

Supporting these transcultural business needs can cause your IT department huge headaches, and traditional commercial off-the-shelf software will have limited localization features and flexibility in this regard. Often, a COTS program you purchase to improve your complex process will end up complicating it – and don’t expect better results from hard-coded, homegrown solutions that end up as brittle and costly dust collectors.

Decisions offers companies like yours an alternative to these unviable technology solutions. Utilizing our powerful, flexible localization features, non-technical business users can design workflows, rules, reports, and beautiful user interfaces that respond dynamically to users’ defined cultures.

User-Targeted Language Localization

First, Decisions is 100% web-delivered, meaning we can operate in any modern web-browser. This means we can serve up content dynamically and in the language of the specific user or guest. Managers viewing a dashboard in Japan may see the content appear in Japanese, while their Korean counterparts see the same Key Performance Indicators and data in Korean. Decisions even supports Right-to-Left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew. Providing a localized context for your employees and customers will improve internal efficiency and drive sales in the target regions.

Meet Deadlines – in any Time Zone!

Additionally, the Decisions platform has a host of tools related to dates and times. Users can select their preferred date-time format, such as Day-Month-Year or Month-Day-Year according to their cultural preference so all members of a cross-cultural team can be on the same page. Our software does the heavy lifting in regards to time zone translation as well as calculating daylight savings, so deadlines are clear and consistent across the board. Our tool can even use alternatives to the Georgian calendar, such as Buddhist Era, a necessity for our clients in Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries.

Furthermore, Decisions has pre-built functions to customize work schedules and holiday calendars. For instance, companies with branches in Muslim-majority countries may work from Sunday to Thursday. When assigning tasks, our workflow engine can seamlessly identify the location’s work week and work hours (in their own time zone, of course!) to avoid tasking absent employees or use rules to re-assign based on holidays that may occur in any country. Deadlines can even be calculated initially based on these holiday and work week calendars as well to ensure feasible targets for long-term projects.

Money, Money, Money

Finally, Decisions has not only a free, click-to-install module to convert amounts from one currency to another, but also the ability to render different currencies’ symbols for display on reports, dashboards, and tiles. This unique feature is just one of the reasons we have such strong representation in the financial services space.

The Global Village

In this article, we explored the different features that comprise Decisions’ powerful localization ability, from time zone and language translation to currency conversion. Your company operates across these cultural boundaries, so when you’re selecting a software for business process management, consider Decisions’ powerful, no-code capabilities (Did I forget to mention that all of the features above are implemented with ZERO code?).

¡Adiós! Au revoir ! さようなら!

Bracey Parr
Bracey Parr is a Sales Engineer at Decisions. He enjoys applying Decisions no-code technology to help non-technical people (like himself) create software solutions for their organizations. Sloths are his favorite animal.

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