Webinar – Leveraging Intelligent Automation Synergies for Insurers6/201 PM ET

Conquer Complexity with Adaptive Case Management

Thursday, June 13, 1:00 - 2:00 PM ET
Streamline complex, non-linear processes with a low-code, visual-design platform

Automating simple tasks is one thing, but automating complex and dynamic processes requires advanced case management to accommodate increased human interaction, decision-making, and agility. 

This insightful webinar will explore the fundamentals of case management, demonstrating when you need it. Learn how Decisions automates the most complex, non-linear processes with visual design and minimized coding to ensure accuracy, reduce risks, and reach resolution faster.

Learn how to organize people, decision-making, and process design in one location, ensuring processes with multiple flows and touchpoints progress smoothly with fewer errors and bottlenecks.

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Danny Torbett
Danny Torbett

Analyst Relations Manager

Tyler Haynes

Sr. Director, Global Pre-Sales Engineering

Transform your business with automation.

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