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Home Care Pulse Integrates Cloud Services with Decisions, Eliminating Human Error and Repetitive Tasks

June 25, 2020

Home Care Pulse is the home care industry’s leading firm in satisfaction research and quality assurance, serving hundreds of home care businesses across North America. Home care agencies use Home Care Pulse as a resource to help get information on the industry as a whole such as benchmarking studies, satisfaction research, and training resources. Home Care Pulse has been growing quickly and is one of the few companies that has wide integration with different software vendors within the industry.

Business Challenge

The business challenge Home Care Pulse faced was their legacy code base, a homegrown solution they built in PHP, that had hit its scalability limit. The solution was designed as a very simple foundation that couldn’t support Home Care Pulse’s expansion into other industries. Rewriting the main line of business software from scratch would have been cost-prohibitive because Home Care Pulse would have had to hire developers to not only try to maintain the existing system but also build a new one at the same time. Home Care Pulse needed a flexible software solution so it could scale and grow quickly.

Approach and Discovery

Home Care Pulse purchased Chargebee for accounting and HubSpot for marketing and decided to look into a solution that could stitch tools like these together. They were looking for a solution that could manage the business rules in between since they utilize each tool in a particular way. Decisions offered good visual data pipelining with the debugger and visual flows that allow for really quick assessment of end to end data pipelines, combined with a rules engine that could help them wire together API’s and apply their special business secret sauce in the middle.


“Decisions has been invaluable. For anything that was repetitive I have been able to build a swiss army knife of useful converters.” – Jason Hamilton, Director of IT, Home Care Pulse

Home Care Pulse built flows that integrate various cloud services via their APIs and the demand is only rising. Automating the integration with Chargebee was a big undertaking and Decisions was helpful with the flow debugging and built in unit tests. The flow debugger’s ability to show the flow stack with the data going in/out was extremely beneficial in code comprehension and working with non-developers. They are able to use spatial memory to remember application logic.


“The flows can be run right out of the designer portal so you’re really just focusing on the matter at hand – not web interfaces, not making API endpoints, because Decisions does all that for you. The time savings come after you organize your data types, make top level flows, and converters, it suddenly just pays off in spades when you start hooking those things together.” – Jason Hamilton, Director of IT, Home Care Pulse

The final project has over 300 flows and data types that they were able to build in a month and a half with one developer and a very complex billing process. When Home Care Pulse ran billing in production it was flawless with zero errors. They were able to fix a years old, super complex billing system and iron it out into a new system, integrate it with API built flows, and test those thoroughly enough due to the visual debugger and unit tests in Decisions.

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Becky Simanowski
Becky Simanowski is the Digital Marketing Director at Decisions and manages all digital marketing programs including SEO, SEM, Email, Social Media, and Conversion Rate Optimization.

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