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How No-Code Solutions Lift Businesses When Low-Code Software Falls Short

January 8, 2023

Why do businesses build their own software? 

For one, building custom software offers the flexibility and compatibility to integrate with your company’s existing applications, and tailor your software to fit specific business needs. You decide exactly how the platform is built and functions, and can make custom changes in the future. While businesses want to develop software that streamlines success and eliminates barriers, sometimes building your own software creates more barriers than it removes. 

Low-code development addresses the barriers that arise from traditionally coding your own software. It helps expedite product development and promote collaboration between programmers and business owners by limiting the amount of traditional code needed to build applications. However low-code platforms are more constrained, oftentimes resulting in businesses not getting the exact functionality they need without supplementary coding. 

Why do these barriers persist in the low-code development process?

Because no matter how little coding your business solutions require, the existence of any coding needs results in a roadblock. These roadblocks inhibit business professionals from fully participating in the design and development process, while also challenging programmers who need to write new code to fill in the blanks left from a limited low-code environment. In some cases, developers have to learn proprietary tools or scripting languages to use low-code—consuming developer time and resources.

No-Code Offers a Solution 

Because no-code software eliminates the need for a scripting language in its entirety, no-code can be developed alongside the business professionals who actually use the technology. While an understanding of basic development steps is required to use a no-code platform at its full capacity, entire business solutions can be created, optimized, and launched without writing a single line of code.

Additionally, no-code solutions offer far more flexibility than their low-code counterparts, which tend to be brittle and difficult to change after their initial development. This results in faster business solutions developed to serve a company’s specific needs, no matter how they may change.

If your business isn’t using a no-code solution like Decisions, you are likely spending way too much time and money sustaining traditional coding solutions or low-code alternatives. It’s time to stop limiting your software development efforts and performance. Connect with our team today to learn how!

Cecelia Troyan
Cecelia Troyan is a content strategist at Decisions. She shares the Decisions vision through the development and delivery of compelling and accessible content.

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