Decisions helps insurance professionals manage the thousands of rules that combine to form insurance approval and rate and commission calculations. Our intuitive, graphical interface allows for the rapid and flexible updating of rules by knowledgeable insurance analysts without programming experience. We assist in processes like:

Quote to Cash and Binders

Automating the creation of the quote to cash binder can accelerate new policies without the wait, or the risk of losing an opportunity. Decisions rule engine can help put it all together.

Product Configuration

Flexibility in policy construction, driven by rules and automated data connection can shorten policy lead times and extend opportunities.

Advanced Rule Engine

Decisions rule engine is ideal for the insurance industry and utilized through the entire policy lifecycle, from policy construction, pricing, commissions and claims handling.

White Labeling for Distribution Networks

Decisions works with software developers and will integrate with existing code and applications resulting in the same look and feel. Add Decisions rule engine to your application to extend and expand its capabilities.