Lending – Loan Origination and Loan Management

Twenty years ago the idea for Decisions was born from the experience of creating unique rules and workflow capabilities for credit decisions and loan origination. Our founders realized the entire business of lending and finance is rules and workflow, with unique combinations of data-driven processes and human interactions.


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Decisions Is the Right Software for the Complexity and Customer-Centric Approach of the Lending Industry

Loan Origination

Most Loan Origination Systems (LOS) are “configurable”, but stay tightly within the traditional boundaries of the market for which they were built, such as mortgage origination, auto loan origination, online loan origination, payday loan origination, etc.

Lenders in new lending markets often struggle to find loan origination software that fits, and end up trying to make auto loan origination software work for solar loan origination, for example.

Another challenge for traditional vendor LOS software packages are that they just do loan origination. Lenders need online loan applications, mobile lending apps, post-closing workflow, and other things that aren’t “core” to loan origination systems as traditionally defined, but are core to lending success.

Decisions has a better loan origination answer – the ability to build any workflow and rule structure, without code, without limits. Get data from anywhere and run any rules against it. Quickly implement risk models, pricing models, scorecards, verification workflows, document upload & download, electronic documents, e-signatures, etc. With Decisions, the workflow starts and ends where your business starts and ends.

Loan Management

Loan servicing is also a classic rules and workflow business. Most Loan Management Systems (LMS) or Loan Servicing Systems solutions offer some rules configurability, but they often don’t provide complete control, so manual workarounds are used – outside the LMS.

Decisions has a better answer for lenders and loan servicers who need more capability. For lenders with specialized rules and workflows, such as solar loan servicing, online loan servicing, installment loan servicing, or home improvement loan servicing, Decisions provides the ability to have a loan management system that manages loans exactly as defined by your business rules.

Integrating with LOS and LMS software

In markets without good LOS or LMS software options, Decisions can be used for an entire lending workflow. For lenders in traditional markets with LOS and LMS software that mostly works well, Decisions can be easily integrated, to do the rules and workflows that can’t be done by current systems.

No Transaction Fees, SaaS or On-Premise

Decisions is licensed per server, with no per-application or per-loan fees. Lenders can also choose how they want to run Decisions – pure SaaS mode hosted by Decisions, at AWS or Azure, or on-premise. As with the rest of Decisions, there’s no need to compromise on how or where to run it.

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