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New Ocean Health Solutions Simplifies Processes and Streamlines Ecosystem with Decisions

August 27, 2020

New Ocean improves health outcomes and lowers costs across organizations by addressing both chronic conditions and lifestyle management. New Ocean uses embedded digital coaching, behavioral science and predictive analytics to help people achieve their health goals and position organizations to benefit from the growing digital healthcare landscape.

Business Challenge

New Ocean’s primary customers are Health Plans, Corporations, and Health Systems that subscribe to their platform and distribute it to employees for managing chronic conditions or participating in healthy lifestyle programs, such as running five miles a week. New Ocean also supports challenges that allow employees to compete against one another.

New Ocean needed a platform that would enable them to visually design and code their Insight Engine, which all of their data streams or inputs feed into. The Insight Engine determines a number of things including whether an activity or challenge is complete or rewards have been met. Messaging is created for chronic condition cases, reminding users to do things with pop-up messages.

Tracking is set-up for monitoring how users are doing against goals, such as running three days a week for four weeks, to satisfy rewards. The rewards depend on the company and there are three basic reward types that are built into the application. These include dollars, badges, or points. New Ocean wanted to house downstream business logic in a single system and they decided to look into a rules engine.

Approach and Discovery

New Ocean thought that it made sense architecturally to implement a rules engine so they evaluated about four vendors based on their requirements. Several of the vendors they evaluated didn’t meet their needs or provide the stability they were looking for. Ultimately New Ocean decided on Decisions due to the overall functionality and stability of the platform. The evaluation process took about two months.

“Decisions has a lot more capabilities than other rule engine products. This was a large factor in our selection process.” – Jeff Humphry, Senior Architect, New Ocean Health Solutions


New Ocean intakes health data from health data aggregators and processes it through rule sets in the application, utilizing Decisions, and provides recommendations on things like enrollment in certain programs.

“Decisions has helped streamline our ecosystem. We used to have several other components including a .NET service engine. It was a messaging system that would post in and out of queues that has been simplified greatly because of the ability we now have to monitor and subscribe to queues from Decisions and use that to kick off a process.” – Jeff Humphry, Senior Architect, New Ocean Health Solutions

New Ocean also uses Decisions as a job scheduler which simplifies the process when you already have some code you want to run from a job and it’s compiled into a .NET application. Jobs run or make an API call out to one of their API’s and that kicks off the job so it’s very flexible.

“The Decisions Support team has been exceptional and has been very helpful and accommodating if we run into any issues. The team incorporates our feedback into the product and resolves any issues quickly.” – Jeff Humphry, Senior Architect, New Ocean Health


The conditions New Ocean manages in the Insight Engine will continue to grow in the future. New Ocean’s clinical department is continuing to add other types of chronic conditions, in addition to conditions like diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and atrial fibrillation, to help employees live healthier lifestyles. They have considered creating applications in the Decisions User Portal to support internal processes such as Human Resources.

Visit our case studies to read the full story and contact us for a demo to see our solution for yourself.

Becky Simanowski
Becky Simanowski is the Digital Marketing Director at Decisions and manages all digital marketing programs including SEO, SEM, Email, Social Media, and Conversion Rate Optimization.

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