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Clinical Trial Management


Match faster with clean data

Clinical Trials Management assist pharmaceutical companies by helping match patients to drug trials in a highly regulated enviornment. Decisions supports your team with a flexible embedded rules and workflow engine.

  • Build fast:

    Build fast: Easily integrated no-code rules reduce your implementation time

  • Keep it clean:

    Keep it clean: Connect your existing systems and validate data enroute

  • Automate reminders:

    Automate reminders: Track in-trial progress with auto-generated messaging

As a Clinical Trials managment company, we struggle to keep our CRM system, Salesforce, up to date and accurate. With Decisions, we now execute rules to find and complete missing information related to product details, and ensure the status of the Salesforce objects is correct. This helps us speed up the onboarding of new clients, projects and trials.

Transform your business with automation.

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