Master Data Management

The Decisions platform has all the tools and technology needed to maintain and manage your company’s master data. Our rules engine is ideal for ensuring data integrity at the point of entry and for helping to find and eliminate duplicate records. As the velocity of data capture increases, it’s more critical than ever to ensure data integrity and a clean system of records. The old adage “Garbage in, garbage out” is as true today in the age of big data as it ever was.

Address Validation

One of the main sources of ‘dirty’ data originates in address duplication. The causes here are everything from using non-standardized city and state fields to slight variations in the spelling of road names. The Decisions platform includes a connector to the US Postal service address verification system to ensure standardized address fields.

Interceptor Cleaning Rules

It’s not always possible to go back and change data in source systems but it’s possible to convert data on its way to reporting system databases. The Decisions interceptor rules are ideal for making these “on the fly” conversions to standardize your data.


Form Validation

The best place to ensure clean data is at the point of entry. Combining the Decisions form builder with our rules engine allows for data validation at the beginning of your process. This can include features such as dependent drop-down menus, standardized lists, data calls to search for duplicates, and also setting ranges or boundaries around certain fields.

Account/Product Code Reconciliation

Whether it’s account codes, product codes, customer codes, or something different, Decisions can move, transport, and transform data on its way. Companies often struggle with consolidating information due to prior acquisitions, overseas affiliates, or simply due to lack of proper data controls. Our business rules engine is ideal for moving and manipulating data and creating the rules to properly transform this data for management oversight.


Master Data Storage

Decisions can act as the Master System of Record that other software applications access to determine if there is an existing record. Alternatively, Decisions can take data from multiple systems of record and clean these prior to their movement to a data mart. With Decisions embedded workflow, tasks can be assigned to specific individuals or groups to investigate data that doesn’t fall under an existing rule.

System Integration

In many organizations, it’s not uncommon to have several systems managing the same data. Seamlessly integrating these systems so that data can flow from system to system while maintaining data integrity can be a challenge. Decisions offers a variety of tools to make system integration easy. Our built-in data mapping tool allows you to graphically link data between systems, while our rules engine allows for data transformation on the fly.


ESB & Message Bus Integration

Decisions can be used as an orchestration layer, stitching together disconnected systems in your organization. ESB & Message Bus integration allows data to flow between different applications in order to maintain data consistency and get work done.

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