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Understanding the Users who are Creating or Editing Business Rules

April 27, 2016

This article is part of a series on common questions we discuss about building rule engine focused applications. 

Understanding a users skill level and technical competency is critical in designing a meaningful rule authoring experience. As you explore rule engines in general you’ll find a variety of rule editors that vary on a spectrum from “capable but complex” to “easy, but constrained”.  Instead of making the capable versus constrained decision for our customers and partners we decided to provide configurable tooling that let’s you decide the scope of a given users rule authoring experience.

For example, there may be different users or groups of users who are responsible for updating the rules for a given region or a given product area. In these cases you want to limit the complexity of the authoring environment by restricting access to only these regions or products – and even further limit the objects and verbs these users have to create rules with. These users may not have access to anything but a few rules or rule sets and they would not be able to create forms or create dashboards – they would login and only have access to the rules they are responsible for maintaining.

You can add additional constraint by separating the duties of the rule maintenance process. This is especially helpful for junior level users who you may want to edit the rules – but who you may not trust to appropriately test these rules or deploy them into a production environment. Using Decisions Repository you could have users who are responsible for different phases of the rule development lifecycle including: creation, editing, testing, and deployment.

Kevin Lindquist
A Crocker Innovation Fellow with a degree from Brigham Young University, Kevin has a rich history in identifying pains and applying technology solutions. He has worked with a number of startups and success stories in the software and hardware space from Silicon Valley, The Silicon Slopes, and abroad including: Square, ASUS, and Fundly along with consultative roles at other Utah technology startups. He has been mentored by a number of highly successful individuals, including an Entrepreneur in Residence at Disney, multiple venture capitalists, and thought leaders in the world of technology and entrepreneurship. Kevin has a deep appreciation for entrepreneurship and a passion for internet technology. He is constantly seeking ways to contribute to the next generation of web enabled tools, a primary reason for his involvement with Decisions.

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