Can You Use No-Code Tools for Mission-Critical Applications?

August 11, 2020

No-code development isn’t just a tool to help build specialized or niche tools for your business. As the benefits of no-code become more familiar to business leaders across every industry, the role of this script-free development approach is expanding to include mission-critical applications.

These mission-critical applications represent the core technologies your business uses to execute everyday operations. For a bank, this includes core technology such as the secure banking system that offers a customer-facing interface. For a healthcare company, it might mean the platform you use to access, manage, and secure electronic health records for patients.

The idea of changing your approach to building and maintaining mission-critical apps may be unsettling, but it shouldn’t be. As with all business technology, the best development methods and software solutions evolve over time—and forward-thinking businesses recognize the value of leveraging these opportunities ahead of their competitors.

Here’s a look at the advantages of using the no-code approach to build your most important business solutions.

How No-Code Tools Can Support Mission-Critical Applications

Whether you’re installing a new mission-critical application or simply looking to improve existing software, here are some of the ways no-code development supports their performance:

  • Seamless integration with other applications: Any mission-critical app is likely to be connected with many other solutions within your business. Integration is a key consideration for any core technology. No-code integration studios can improve connectivity through API creation and support for software development kits (SDKs).
  • Battle-tested security: No-code software elements are rigorously tested and audited before they’re added to the no-code development library. This allows applications to be built with state-of-the-art security—a crucial feature of any core solution.
  • Quickly build no-code tools to supplement existing core technology: If you’re already happy with the mission-critical applications your business is using, no-code development can offer a simple, efficient option for integrating a supplemental solution that enhances this technology by incorporating new capabilities. This approach allows you to improve rigid mission-critical solutions without having to tear them out and replace them with alternatives.
  • Continuous integration and continuous delivery of new features: No-code makes it easy to add new features and capabilities to existing software. The ability to leverage CI/CD in your mission-critical applications allows you to extend the life and value of these solutions for your business.

The functionality and maintenance requirements of your mission-critical apps play a significant role in that technology’s ability to drive ROI—especially in the long run. 

The Importance of Flexible, Scalable Business Applications

If you need a good argument for why no-code development offers benefits to your mission-critical applications, consider the business disruption created by the COVID-19 pandemic this year. As many businesses were forced to overhaul their operations almost overnight, no-code applications were set up perfectly to help businesses quickly build solutions to their evolving needs.

No-code software enables faster development timelines, which supports iterative development and helps you keep your business-critical apps on the cutting edge. When used in conjunction with a business rules engine, no-code software enables a quick response to operational changes that need to be made in response to new challenges that may arise, whether these changes are due to COVID-19 or to fast-growing demand for your services.

No-code also offers fully scalable software solutions, so your business performance can be maintained no matter the size of your customer base or the complexity of rules being enforced. Through the use of no-code apps, simplicity, speed, and quality assurance can all be reinforced among your mission-critical apps.

The Right Tools for Today’s Business Challenges

As the business process management industry pursues greater agility and complexity in its BPM services, no-code software has become the right development approach to addressing these needs at any scale.

Combined with the emerging challenges of managing a virtual workforce, no-code has proven its value as an effective tool for managing existing business-critical apps—and for quickly building solutions for your next mission-critical project, as well.

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Becky Simanowski
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