Case Studies

Software Development Company with Enterprise Health Management Platform Simplifies Processes and Streamlines Ecosystem

New Ocean improves health outcomes and lowers costs across organizations by addressing both chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and atrial fibrillation as well as lifestyle management. New Ocean uses embedded digital coaching, behavioral science and predictive analytics to help people achieve their health goals and position organizations to benefit from the growing digital healthcare landscape.

“Shortly after Decisions was implemented, the team was impressed with the ease of which you could design logic flows. 90% of what we build is flow logic with some supporting truth tables or statement rules so that’s a big win.” – Jeff Humphry, Senior Architect, New Ocean Health Solutions

  • Streamlined Ecosystem
  • Improved Flexibility in Job Scheduling Process
  • Implementation of Emergency Fixes is Faster and Easier
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Leading Home Care Industry Provider Saves $200k in FTE Developer Headcount

Home Care Pulse is the home care industry’s leading firm in satisfaction research and quality assurance, serving hundreds of home care businesses across North America. Home Care Pulse has become the top resource for business development, agency certification, Best of Home Care awards, and industry research, including the Annual Home Care Benchmarking Study.

“I’m really impressed by what the system can do from a technical side. It fit our particular needs well where we have limited IT resources, sensitive data, and complex business and data rules that need to be centralized and integrated with other systems. The fact that it makes forms and API endpoints automatically is a HUGE time/complexity saver. The debugging, saved data samples, and unit testing are also big wins over other systems I’ve tested.”
Jason Hamilton, Director of IT, Home Care Pulse

  • $200k Savings in FTE Developer Headcount
  • Elimination of human error and repetitive tasks allowing Senior Management to focus on the actual business process
  • Time savings in implementing Decisions (3 months) vs coding the solution themselves (a year and a half)
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UK Financial Services Organization Increases Workflow Development Efficiency 3X

Pantheon is an investment management group focusing on private equity, infrastructure and real assets with 35 years of investment experience in private markets. They operate from offices in New York, San Francisco, London, Hong Kong, Seoul and Bogota, with representation in a number of other key markets. They employ approx. 220 staff, 70 of which are investment professionals. Pantheon has $47bn total assets under management.

We were looking for a best of breed solution that would reduce our reliance on specialized skill sets. We found that Decisions is very approachable for any .NET developer who needs to add workflow capability to an existing .NET application.
Paul Jones, IT, Pantheon

  • 3X Increase in Development Efficiency for Workflows
  • Improved Support for Complex Workflow Projects
  • Reduced Reliance on Specialized Resources
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Privately Held Bank in the USA with $14B in Assets Reduces Development Costs by Over 50%

As one of the largest privately owned banks in the US with over $14 billion in assets, this Decisions customer offers a full range of personal, commercial, trust, private banking and mortgage banking products and services. A division of the bank specializes in mortgage servicing. The initial implementation of Decisions targeted processes within the mortgage servicing division.

Decisions became the platform to beat for several reasons:
1) the platform could be highly customized,
2) complex rules could be built and managed efficiently,
3) software could be developed by business analysts without the need for trained programmers, and
4) Decisions can easily connect to other systems and platforms, and those platforms can also interact with Decisions.
Business Analyst, Privately Held Bank

  • 50%+ Lower Development Costs
  • 6 FTE Headcount Automated/Reassigned
  • Reduced Risk in Highly Regulated Processes
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Custom Cabinet Company Increases Order Entry Quality by 35%

Specializing in custom cabinets and countertop design, including installation of those products, The Legacy Cabinet Company (“TLCC”) is a regional distributor operation in both new residential and commercial construction, as well as custom remodeling projects. TLCC’s headquarters are in Niceville, FL with fifteen additional locations across the southeastern, US.

“The increased visibility and access to our sales information is allowing us to make quicker business decisions with reliable data. Our sales force has embraced the ease of use and ability to access their information.”
– Charlie Agnew, Chief Executive Officer, The Legacy Cabinet Company

  • 20% Order Entry Efficiency Improvement
  • 35% Order Entry Quality Improvement
  • 100% Reduction Pre-entry Quotation Reviews
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Decisions Builds Learning Management System in 20 Days Enabling Efficient Class Management

Decisions is a no-code, seamlessly integrated workflow and rules platform. Entire workflows with any combination of human and data-driven interactions and rules are built graphically, without code. The Decisions rule engine is the most robust in the industry, providing users with a code-free way to build even the most complex types of rule sets.

“At that point, I thought, challenge accepted. I realized we could do this. We could build the Learning Management System utilizing Decisions much, much quicker and we’d be able to build something that we actually WANT to use, not something that we HAVE to use. If we purchased a Learning Management System that didn’t meet our requirements, we would be stuck with their features; good AND bad. Decisions gives us the control to make something we are excited to use without compromising on the feature set.”
Nico Janssen, Professional Services Manager, Decisions

  • 20 Days to build the LMS with the exact requirements
  • Within the first month of launch there were 130 certifications and 238 registered learners in the LMS with zero failed customer authentications
  • Ability to quickly and effectively conduct project evaluations
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