This is a complete collection of all eBooks published by Decisions. They are all available for free download. If you have any questions about concepts here or general feedback, please contact info@decisions.com. 

*NEW* Automating Unpredictable Processes

NEW! Comparing “flow centric” and “rule driven” workflow patterns that support unpredictable business processes.


Workflow Fundamentals

Read about how we define “workflow” and the fundamental elements and patterns behind most business processes.


Business Rule Basics

A quick primer on how we think about business rules – and a checklist of questions for you to consider if you need a business rule engine.


Workflow in Business Applications

Reviewing the common components of any business application and how Decisions can help.


Scoring Rules and Rule Sets

A high level overview of using Decisions Rule Engine in a scoring context – and a checklist of questions to help you decide if scoring rules can help.


IT Infrastructure Management

How Decisions can be used to compliment common systems management tools like Microsoft System Center. 


Interceptor Rules

How to leverage APIs with our rule engine to intercept and continuously improve how you make decisions over time.


Decisions for HL7

Get our perspective on the HL7 standard, some of its challenges, and potential solutions.


Guiding Principles

An intro into the fundamental concepts and design principles behind the Decisions Platform. 

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