The State of Enterprise AI

Five lessons, five use cases, and five predictions from the first year of ChatGPT

The emergence of ChatGPT marked a pivotal shift in the business landscape, prompting leaders to integrate AI tools into their processes. At Decisions, we undertook an exploration of generative AI’s potential. By integrating the OpenAI module into the platform, we enabled customers and internal teams to seamlessly incorporate ChatGPT into various workflows.

These insights, gleaned from internal and external stakeholders, have culminated in this whitepaper, which distills five crucial lessons, five promising use cases, and five predictions for the future of AI in 2024 and beyond.

What to expect from this whitepaper:

  • Integrate AI into repetitive processes, automating tasks to minimize manual labor and achieve accurate results
  • Optimize efficiency in your tech stack by ensuring seamless orchestration between one-point solutions, reducing data silos, and eliminating the need for additional manual management
  • Leverage AI as a cornerstone for long-term success

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