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Specialize or Centralize?

Two strategies to manage digital fragmentation in enterprise IT

Because a plethora of technology solutions now exist to solve business challenges, companies have more choices than ever. However, disparate systems and disjointed data in a tech ecosystem can result in digital fragmentation, leaving companies to grapple with a common quandary: Specialize or centralize? 

What’s the best approach? Is there just one?

This whitepaper explores the specialization and centralization conundrum and shares real-world experiences from IT leaders to help you determine the best strategy for your organization. Learn how companies like FortressFire, Southwire, and The Argus Group navigate digital fragmentation effectively to meet their unique needs.

Read on to:

  • Identify the nuances of digital fragmentation and implement strategies to address this phenomenon within your own organization
  • Address digital fragmentation through two distinct learning strategies tailored for managing enterprise software
  • Examine real-world case studies featuring IT leaders and gain insights from their experiences in successfully managing digital fragmentation

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