Webinar – Synchronizing Systems: Streamline Automation for Salesforce and Your IT Ecosystem5/21 PM ET

Automate Support Ticket Analysis Using ChatGPT

Thursday, April 4th, 1:00 - 2:00 PM ET

Learn how Decisions utilizes ChatGPT to offer insights into your support team's performance and customer sentiment, enabling the identification, tracking, and prevention of early churn.
Automate tedious support ticket processes
  • Analyze Customer Trends: Leverage past tickets and conversations to gauge customer sentiment. Assess support quality and assign a score based on customer satisfaction.
  • Automate Team Reminders: Configure automated reminders to prompt team members and ensure timely ticket resolution for enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • Track Team Performance: Identify areas where team members may need additional training or support. Develop action plans to optimize team performance and ensure consistent excellence.
Danny Torbett

Analyst Relations Manager

Frank Mummert

Pre-Sales Engineer

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